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Tripadvisor SensatoriTUI has an agreement in place to show Tripadvisor reviews on the TUI website. By visiting the TUI site, you have the ability to read all the Sensatori reviews carried on the TUI site itself and also the reviews that Tripadvisor have available. All the reviews from both providers are available on a single webpage.

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The Tripadvisor reviews of the Sensatori are completely independent and sit alongside the reviews that TUI has published. Simply go to the TUI site and you will see the distinctive Tripadvisor logo in the reviews section of tour operators website.

Sensatori Reviews From TripadvisorRest assured that the Tripadvisor reviews shown via the TUI site are identical to the Tripadvisor Sensatori reviews and that TUI Travel, the owners of the TUI brand has no editorial control on the views expressed by Tripadvisor members regarding their opinions of their holidays at the Sensatori.

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Holiday reviews are an important part of the decision making process when evaluating a hotel, apartment or the resort itself. However, you must be very open minded about information contained within reviews. Some people are easy to please and will score any hotel highly; it may have been their first holiday abroad!

Other people can never be pleased and will complain about 'anything and everything', to try to get some recompense from the tour operators or hotel management.

Our advice is to read around 10 to 15 of the latest reviews from Tripadvisor members and 10 to 15 reviews that TUI has published regarding the Sensatori.

Reviews over 6 months old are largely irrelevant as hotels levels of standards and service are changing all the time.

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